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Village Handicraft Exporters have established themselves as one of the leading wholesalers, bulk exporters and suppliers of exquisite beaded fashion jewelry. Our exquisite range of jewelry includes items such as beaded necklaces, bone necklaces,shell necklaces,beaded earrings, silver pendants, beaded bracelets, broach pins, cufflinks,cuff bangles etc.

We also design , manufacture and export a wide range of costume jewelry,fashion jewelry and handicrafts. Ever since our inception in 1974, our core values have been innovation, creativity and continual improvements. Our organization places the highest emphasis on customer satisfaction and this attitude envelops the entire organization and influences every function. It ensures delivery of superior quality products, premium packaging, competitive rates and timely delivery.



Being exporters of Indian handicrafts for the past thirty years our commitment to quality is well known in the market. Our unswerving commitment to quality has made our products more appealing to our customers. Every piece of handicraft that we give to our customers is in itself a work of art and a marvel in itself. When our customers see our products they realize that they are not the result of assembly-line manufacture but a result of intricate workmanship and a reflection of the dedication of our workers.

We see our patrons as not just our customers but as discerning connoisseurs of art. Their valuable suggestions related to design, colour and finish of our products is sacrosanct for us and helps us in developing customized products for our customers. Their appreciation, encouragement and criticism related to our products have been the guiding light of our work force ever since the inception of the company.


We cater to a highly competitive market of handicrafts where every company tries its level best to catch the attention of the buyers with its exquisite and lovely designs. We have an in-house product development team that designs all kinds of custom-jewelry, fashion jewelry and handicrafts.
Our aim is to provide superior quality products at competitive rates. It can be achieved only with a combination of skilled manpower and optimum utilization of the equipments at hand. In our endeavour to provide good quality products to our customers we have recruited a team of workmen who understand the needs of the customers and design customized products which delight the customers.


With over three decades of experience in the exporting handicrafts all over the world we have developed a strong client base all across the world. We have exported our products to several nations including the challenging markets of Japan,Australia, Canada, Europe including U.K, Spain etc.


We have recently developed an online interface to interact with its domestic as well as international clients via the all pervasive medium of the world wide web. This will increase the satisfaction levels of our clients as they will be able to now place their suggestions, complaints and opinions directly a receive instant responses from us.

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